• “I love to use my POWER REELS in the morning to kick my workouts into a higher gear. Whether I am out for a walk or riding my stationary bike, using the POWER REELS gets my heart rate up quicker so I start to sweat!.” – Michael S.
  • "POWER REELS are great for a quick workout at home without having to go to the gym. I like to use them for lateral raises because they keep the resistance constant." – Jason O. 
  • “I am obsessed with POWER REELS! The best part is that I get to use them at home, or travel with them. I thought they would be super easy, but the workouts have proven me wrong. I have been using the 5lb resistance (doesn’t seem like a lot), but I feel the burn and I am excited for the continued results.” – Sam R.
  • "POWER REELS offers me a way to combine spinning and high volume weight training at the same time. This full body workout only lasted 15 minutes before my shoulder muscles called it quits!"  – Aaron W.
  • “I’ve taken a few spin and cardio/strength classes that incorporated POWER REELS and I’m always amazed how hard the 3-pound resistance feels by the end of the class. I definitely can see my arms and back getting more toned and I have POWER REELS to thank for that.” – Melissa T.