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3 Easy steps to get in the best shape of your life in under 30 minutes a day with the POWER REELS 60 Day Workout Challenge. 


POWER REELS Complete collection of workout videos

Unlimited online access to ten 15-30-minute workouts along with instructional videos teaching proper technique so you can get the results you want.

Videos can be streamed or downloaded. See our FAQ's for instructions on how to download the videos 

Workout Videos Include:

  • 20-minute Total Strength
  • 20-minute High Intensity Interval Training
  • 30-minute Core and Leg
  • 25-minute Cardio and Upper Body
  • 25-minute Pilates
  • 15-minute Core
  • 30-minute Kickboxing
  • 15-minute Total Body
  • 25-minute Total Body
  • 30-min Total Body