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Fitness Pros

The Power Reels provide fitness clubs with an Innovative new dedicated group fitness classes, training moves to enhance existing cardio and strength classes and the ability to spice up existing cycling classes. The Power Reels will improves customer engagement and retention.

Provide your customers with a new training tool that will show real results and keep things fresh and fun.

Fitness Professionals, Group Classes and personal training with the power reels

Raise the bar in your indoor cycling class by turning it into a total body work out with the Power Reels Combining cycling drills with Power Reels  upper body exercises will give your class a workout unlike any other.
Elevate your group exercise classes by adding POWER REELS to your choreography or add new movements to challenge your class and get them results. POWER REELS offers a smooth pull and recoil system with three levels of resistance. Tailor the resistance level to each person’s capacity and turn any class workout into a heart-pounding, total body experience.
Provide constant resistance in any body position or plane of movement. Use instead of a dumbbell or elastic band for safe and effective results.