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Brian Schwartz, 7 time Kickboxing and Karate World Champion and successful gym owner was looking for something new and exciting to push his clients further.

Frustrated by the limitations of dumbbells and elastic bands he believed there must be a better solution.

Working with DeAnn Teixiera-Wong, another long time fitness professional, they came across the innovation that allowed for the development of POWER REELS.

Brian, DeAnn and the POWER REELS team have spent their careers in fitness with the common goal of helping people find new ways to make exercise fun, effective and safe.

With POWER REELS you can train your body while in any position – lying, standing, sitting and have the same resistance throughout the entire motion.

Whether you follow along with our full-length POWER REELS workouts or just add the POWER REELS to a part of your current routine, we’re confident you’ll have fun, feel the burn and see the benefits.