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About Power Reels



POWER REELS are unmatched in working out using 3-directional movements the way your body naturally moves, allowing you to activate muscles at precise angles to fit your needs.

Unlike elastic bands that can snap and injure users, POWER REELS are super durable and allow for constant load through the entire range of movement, which helps you build more lean muscle.

Power Spring

Internal spring provides a consistent load through the entire range of motion for effective workouts and faster results.

Power Cord

Snap resistant polyester cord can withstand thousand of cycles so there’s no risk of it snapping and causing injury.

Rotating Heads

Low friction rotating heads to workout in 3D and activate muscles at precise angles.

Ergonomic Handles

Durable, easy to clean rubber handles designed for to withstand the sweatiest workouts.

Molded Body

Able to handle weight bearing for any ground-based movements you can throw at it.

Exercise and Workout Videos

Exclusive access to online exercises and workouts for all fitness levels

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